tshad ma rnam 'grel gsal bar byed pa'i zin bris rin chen snying po/


khreng tu'u/: si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang /, 2009.


SRC ID: S2059
TBRC ID: W1PD153536


krung go'i mi rigs dpe mdzod khang /, signature: 005853(5)


vol. 88, pp. 7-219 (122 ff.)


Pecha (MS dbu med)

Description / Remarks

The author of this work is very likely theg chen chos rje kun dga' bkra shis/ (1349–1425), who acc. to his biographies studied the Pramāṇavārttika under the master blo gros chos kyi seng ge, and who is reported to have authored a rnam 'grel gyi TIkka; see theg chen chos rje'i rnam thar II [2017] (p. 501). Another teacher of his was his father ta dben chos kyi rgyal mtshan/ (1331/32–1359).

Colophon excerpt

colophon transcript in Van der Kuijp 1994 (p. 21), f. 122b: de ltar rnam 'grel gsal bar byed pa'i zin bris rin chen snying po 'di/ /gnas lnga rig pa'i paN chen nyid {chos kyi rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po } dang blo gros chos kyi ?seng ge yi/ /gsung rgyun las byung mod tsam bkod shAka'i dge slong ?a nan tas/ /rang {rjed pas 'jigs pa dang bdag blo ma nyams } gzhan {gyi } don du bgyis pa'i dge bas don dam tshad ma rtogs par shog //



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