bya pa khri dpon gyi don du mdzad pa'i tshogs bdag dmar po'i mchod gtor bsdus pa/


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title according to gong dkar ba rnam thar I_A [2001] (p. 161) gong dkar ba rnam thar I_B1 [xyl] (f. 48b); contained in gong dkar chos sde'i bskang gso [1999] within yi dam chos skyong gong 'og sogs kyi gtor 'bul rjes chog dang bcas pa/. Might also be published in chos skyong gong 'og gtor 'bul [2017]

Content / Summary

Condensed torma offering for Mahārakta Gaṇapati (tshogs bdag dmar chen/), which Gong dkar ba composed for the sake of his patron and brother in law bya pa khri dpon bkra shis dar rgyas/ (d. 1499), the myriarch of Bya Ⓢ



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