rigs gter rang 'grel/ chos skyong gong 'og gi bstod 'bum/ gnyan mgon dang pu tra'i mdos chog rnams par du bzhengs dus so sor tshigs bcad re/


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Verses he composed when the printing blocks were carved for Sa paṇ's rigs gter rang 'grel/ [sa skya bka' 'bum [1992-93] (vol. 11, ff. 51-440)], Brag nag pa Ngag dbang grags pa's Collection of Eulogies to the Higher and the Lower dharampāla-s (i.e. chos skyong gong 'og gi bstod 'bum [mst]), and the manuals for thread-cross rituals associated with gnyan mgon po zhal bzhi pa/ (i.e. zhal bzhi pa'i mdos chog [ms]) and pu tra/ (i.e. pu tra'i mdos chog [ms]).



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