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རྫོང་པ་རིག་མཛོད་ལས་གཞི། (beta version)

The Dzongpa Literature Project (DLP) aims at the preservation and dissemination of literature related to the Early and Later Dzongpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. དེ་ལས་མང་་་ »


The Dzongpa represent a revitalised branch within the Sakya tradition. The tradition received its name from the Dzongchung palace at Sakya monastery, the residence of the tradition's founder Ngagchang Zungi Pal (1306-1389), who was a disciple of the illustrious Lama Dampa. དེ་ལས་མང་་་ »


The bibliography lists sources cited in the catalogue and relevant for studying various aspects of the Dzongpa and the Gongkar tradition. དཔྱད་གཞིའི་ཡིག་ཆ་གཟིགས། »